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About Sepia l Corporate profile

Corporate Profile

Sepia is brought to you by Texport Syndicate


Texport Syndicate is a prestigious government recognized export house dedicated to design, manufacturing and marketing of clothing garments worldwide. Texport Syndicate has an esteemed list of clientele that includes GAP, WALMART, ARROW shirts, H&M, A&F, JC Penny USA., American Eagle, and NEXT etc.
AT Texport Syndicate over 7500 skilled workforce across factories are permanently employed with all requisite welfare. With a committed workforce and state-of-the-art sophisticated modern machinery, Texport Syndicate boasts of an exhilarating capacity to execute the most exacting of orders.
This professional approach and the consistent level of commitment are mirrored in its turnover of 80 Million USD.


The Men who Matter

Texport Syndicate is spun into two divisions, one catering to woven garment and other to knit wear, the business module is handled by a dynamic management team comprising of:
Mr.Raju Goenka, spearheading the team along with the prolific trio Sunil, Amit and Anuj Goenka. With a young and aggressive management at the helm, commitment to quality, respect for the product and ultimately customer satisfaction is the basic tent on which the organization is based.

The Realization of a Dream

Two decades ago in 1978, a dream was set to weave a global corporation: A Textile Powerhouse. Today, that dream is being realized in the form of TEXPORT SYNDICATE, the deep rooted culture within the textile family business has been blessed with tremendous insights into the textile segment; Five decades in the industry has honed three generations of experts, which has helped in placing Texport Syndicate on a platform it stands today..
A New Dream is born

In the age of mergers, acquisitions and collaborations. It’s purely up to a growing business house to realize its strengths and invest its resources into a project that not only helps in diversifying but also pushes the limits of innovative thinking and exploring creative talent.
Thus was born, the idea of venturing into the organized retail sector by launching a brand "SEPIA" that would cater to a niche segment, supported by the creative efforts of a well known and established designer with a distinct signature style.

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